Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship

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Each scholarship awarded to a bright, young adult through Jefferies Family Scholarship is made possible by charitable donations from organizations, businesses and individuals like you.

Please choose one of the methods listed below to make your tax deductible contribution to JFS today.

Payroll Deduction
Jefferies employees may use the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form found under Resources/Jefferies Family Scholarship on OneJef.

Credit Card
Click on the "By Credit Card" button to the right to donate immediately. Please complete the required fields so that donations to JFS may be processed through PayPal.

Please make checks payable to Jefferies Family Scholarship and send to:

Regina de Wetter
Jefferies Family Scholarship Coordinator
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
520 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10022

Transfer of Securities
Securities may be electronically transferred to the JFS account at Jefferies & Company, Inc., by following these simple steps:

1) Send your broker this Letter of Authorization, which allows you to specify the number of shares and the name of the issuing company or mutual fund you wish to contribute.

2) Alert Regina de Wetter of the transfer by fax 201-221-7520, email [email protected], or phone 212.323.3959.

3) If you or your broker have questions or cannot transfer the stock electronically, call us and we will be happy to assist you in completing your gift.

Please note: According to IRS guidelines, the date and value of your gift are determined by the date on which the fund takes control of the securities.