Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship


Thank you for applying for an award. Please read the following information before clicking on the login button.

It is the applicant's responsibility to read, understand, and comply with the information provided on the website. Please read the Applicants section and confirm with the administrator that your application has been received prior to the deadline. Contact the administrator if you have questions.

Please be aware that scholarships are awarded for one academic year only. Students are encouraged to apply each year they are eligible. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the application deadline; the Jefferies Family Scholarship will not contact students to remind them of the deadline to apply, nor will JFS submit applications on a student’s behalf.

The Jefferies Family Scholarship is proud of the achievements of students receiving awards. We have a tradition of publicly announcing all award winners. By logging on and setting up an application account, you grant permission to the Jefferies Family Scholarship to announce your name, as well as your parent's name, if you are selected as a winner.