Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship


The Jefferies Family Scholarship is more than a platform for the pursuit of academic excellence. It is a memorial to: Boyd Jefferies, founder of Jefferies and the Jefferies Family Scholarship Program; his beloved son Stephen, for whom Boyd founded the scholarship program; Alan Herrick, a former JFS recipient and son of Tracy Herrick, a former board member of Jefferies who dedicated nearly 25 years to helping build the firm; and Chairman Emeritus Carl Hathaway, who served on the selection committee for 37 years.

These unique and extraordinary individuals embody the qualities and spirit that are in some way represented in each of its recipients. It is with a mixture of great pride, sadness and gratitude that we remember them.

Boyd L. Jefferies, 1930-2001
Founder of Jefferies & Company, Inc. and Jefferies Family Scholarship

Stephen Jefferies, 1953-1981
Son of Boyd Jefferies and the inspiration behind Jefferies Family Scholarship

Alan Herrick, 1971-1995
Former Jefferies Family Scholarship Recipient and inspiration behind the Alan Herrick Award