Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship


Jefferies Family Scholarship grants need-based educational scholarships, as well as recognition-based scholarships and awards. Each year the Selection Committee carefully and thoughtfully reviews applications. These applications are presented anonymously so that the reviewers are unaware of the student's name, parent's name, title, department or office. From the total applicant pool, up to twenty-five percent of the applicants are selected to receive a monetary scholarship. Out of these fortunate winners, several are selected to receive Special Awards.

2020 Announcement of Scholarships Awards

Amid this difficult time, we are delighted to share some good news about children of Jefferies employees who have demonstrated outstanding achievement inside and outside the classroom. Now in its 39th consecutive year, the Jefferies Family Scholarship has provided more than $10.5 million in financial assistance to employees’ children. Collectively, 40 students will receive a total of $483,500 in scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year, marking a new record.

Our independent selection committee conducted meetings remotely and carefully reviewed and scored each of the 92 eligible new applications, awarding scholarships to 25% of the applicants, consistent with IRS rules. 20 deserving students will receive new $12,500 scholarships, and 17 renewing applicants will also receive $12,500 for the upcoming school year. Additionally, one lucky applicant was selected in the Application Incentive Award drawing for $3,000, while another was selected to receive the Jefferies Award of Merit, which includes a $3,000 scholarship! Finally, one student demonstrating he/she could most benefit from an academic scholarship was selected to receive the Carl Hathaway Memorial Award worth $15,000.

These awards would not be possible without the generous donations from our many Jefferies contributors, and we thank all our donors. We especially thank donors from Jefferies Family Scholarship Day, as well as ongoing donors making monthly contributions through payroll deduction. To see our list of donors, please visit our Degrees of Giving page found on the website under Support JFS.

We thank all our applicants and their parents, especially those completing the short form application increasing the number of scholarships available, as the total number of scholarships is limited by an IRS rule to 25% of the total applicant pool. We congratulate those employees whose children were selected for an award, and we commend this year’s recipients and graduates for the excellence they represent in our scholarship program and our firm. Finally, we want to thank the JFS Selection Committee, Board of Directors, and Program Coordinator, Regina de Wetter, who devote countless hours every year to this worthwhile endeavor.

Warm Regards,

JFS Co-Chairmen Jeff and Chris

Jefferies Family Scholarship Board of Directors

Jeff Agnew, Co-Chairman - Corporate Human Resources, New York
Chris Kanoff, Co-Chairman - Investment Banking, Los Angeles
Chanel Brewster, Independent Director
Larry Dunn, Investment Chairman
Richard Garrison, Treasurer - Corporate Finance, JFG, New York
Brian McGrath - Fixed Income, US SMG, New York
Mark Sahler - Corporate Operations, Jersey City
Jason Schechter - Fixed Income, US SMG, New York
Carrera Jefferies Shea, Secretary

2020 Educational Scholarship Recipients

Julia Almodovar studying Pre-Veterinary Medicine at State University of New York Delhi, Daughter of John Almodovar - Corporate Controllers, Jersey City

Justin Buencamino studying Business at College of Staten Island
Son of Chris Buencamino - Corporate Operations, Jersey City

Vesha Chiddick studying Psychology at SUNY Oneonta 
Daughter of Michelle Edwards-Chiddick - Investment Banking, New York

Christina Felicetti studying Marriage and Family Therapy at Texas Women’s University Graduate School
Daughter of Robert Felicetti - Corporate Operations, New York

Daniella Hebert studying Mechanical Engineering at Stony Brook University, Daughter of Robert Hebert - Information Technology, Jersey City

Mandira Juneja studying Computer Science at University of Surrey
Daughter of Vijay Juneja - Information Technology, London

Rida Khan studying Architecture at University of Hartford
Daughter of Rizwan Khan - Information Technology, Jersey City

Kaleese Lebron studying Athletic Training at Monroe College
Daughter of John Corniel - Information Technology, New York

James Lee studying Business at SUNY Binghamton
Son of Kevin Lee - Corporate, Internal Audit, New York

Hailey Lilliott studying Fashion Design at North Carolina State University
Daughter of Pettus Lilliott - Investment Banking, Charlotte

Krisha Mehta studying Master of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Data Science at University of Washington, Daughter of Ketan Mehta - Corporate Operations, Mumbai

Akshat Mehta studying Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Son of Ketan Mehta - Corporate Operations, Mumbai

Sierra Parisi studying Creative Writing/English at Montclair State University, Daughter of Matthew Parisi - Corporate Operations, Jersey City

Anhiella Rosa Cordero studying Master of Social Work at New York University Graduate School, Daughter of Clarissa Cordero - Information Technology, Jersey City

Sydnie Sewell studying Engineering at Howard University
Daughter of Rosemarie Whyte-Sewell - Wealth Management, Atlanta

Anthony Tang studying Medicine at Cambridge University
Son of Timothy Tang - Information Technology, London

James Tang studying Computer Science at University of Bristol
Son of Timothy Tang - Information Technology, London

Khushi Vora studying Fashion Design at ITM Institute of Design and Media
Daughter of Ketan Vora - Corporate Operations, Mumbai

Marco Wong studying Chemistry at Imperial College London
Son of Carol Cheung - Corporate Controllers, Hong Kong

Kersyn Wood studying Architecture at Michael Graves College, Kean University, Daughter of David Wood - Information Technology, Jersey City

Miguel Zavalla studying Pre-Med/Cognitive Science at Villanova University
Son of Cesar Zavalla - Information Technology, Jersey City


2020 Jefferies Award of Merit (JAM)

Aditya Rao will study Biochemistry as a freshman at University of Pennsylvania. His father, Shyamkiran Rao, is a Senior Vice President of Electronic Trading in Jefferies’ New York Office. In addition to the engraved JAM award, Aditya will receive a $3,000 scholarship.

2020 Application Incentive Award (AIA)

This lucky applicant’s name was drawn at random to receive a $3,000 scholarship, just for completing an application! Sriteja Sonikar is currently a junior who won an educational scholarship when he was a freshman in 2017 at Bentley University. Since the beginning of the year, he has been working part time at Jefferies in the Desktop Engineering Co-Op, while studying Computing and Business at New Jersey Institute of Technology. His father, Sreenivas Sonikar, works in Information Technology in Jefferies’ Jersey City Office.  

2020 Alan Herrick Memorial Award (AHMA)

With extensive experience volunteering in his community, exceling in both athletics and academics at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education, this student aspires to "illuminate the struggles of marginalized populations." A current high school senior, James Lee was selected to receive the Alan Herrick Memorial Award. Alan is remembered as being a well-rounded, spirited and passionate student athlete. Each year, an educational scholarship recipient who best exhibits Alan's qualities of good sportsmanship, generosity to others, and/or involvement in the arts is selected for this honor, which comes with an engraved crystal award.

2020 Carl Hathaway Memorial Award (CHMA)

In memory of Chairman Emeritus Carl Hathaway, who served on the selection committee for 37 years, one applicant is selected to receive a larger scholarship of $15,000. This award is based on the applicant’s demonstration of the following characteristics which Carl recognized as key to individual success: overcoming adversity; showing perseverance, grit, and drive; or coping with overwhelming factors to succeed. Christina Felicetti has maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout her undergraduate and graduate school degree programs while volunteering in her community, as a research assistant, and in substance abuse programs. Her passion is to help families suffering from addiction through marriage and family therapy. 

2020 Renewals

17 current JFS scholarship recipients who applied to have their scholarship renewed were approved. Congratulations to the parents of students who maintained full-time attendance and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher!