Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship

Planned Charitable Gifts

Planning charitable gifts is a great way for you to meet your charitable giving goals along with your estate-planning goals. You may want to consider with your estate-planning advisor some of the following tools that could help you accomplish your financial objectives.

  • An outright gift of cash, securities, or personal property is a quick and easy way to make a gift, allows for tax deduction, and, in the case of securities, could allow for you to avoid capital gains taxes.
  • A bequest in a will exempt a portion of your estate from federal estate taxes.
  • Life Insurance gift – By purchasing a life insurance policy that names Jefferies Family Scholarship as the beneficiary, you could make a large gift with little cost. You may also obtain the benefit of a yearly income-tax deduction and future deductions so long as you are paying premiums.
  • Retirement plan gift – You could name Jefferies Family Scholarship as a beneficiary on the remainder of your retirement assets after your lifetime and avoid a heavily taxed gift to heirs.
  • Charitable trusts – Some trusts allow you to pay an annuity to yourself, designating a remainder as a gift, pay a percentage of the trust value annually, or pay income to the scholarship program for a set term, thus reducing the size of your taxable estate. Such trusts allow income planning and immediate income-tax benefits.