Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship

Our Mission & Principles

Jefferies Family Scholarship assists and supports the children of Jefferies Financial Group, Inc. employees in the pursuit of their academic goals and is dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement, both academic and non-academic, and individual excellence. The program represents the concerted efforts of many people—the Board of Directors, the Selection Committee, the program coordinator, and a long line of contributors, large and small. The uniqueness of this program reflects the firm's commitment to education and our desire to help employees of Jefferies and their children.

Our Mission
The Jefferies Family Scholarship provides both meritorious recognition and monetary assistance for the education of children of Jefferies Financial Group, Inc. employees. Significant scholarships go to the most worthy students with financial need who have demonstrated a passion and commitment to attaining their full potential, through academic achievement or perseverance in the face of adversity. The program also presents the Jefferies Award of Merit to those without financial need who have demonstrated the same qualities.

Our Guiding Principles
We believe that some students who have faced great adversity in the past will excel in the future if given the opportunity. We endeavor to identify and reward those students by providing the support and encouragement to do so. Providing financial assistance for worthy students is our primary concern. For that reason, financial need is assessed and weighed heavily in the application process. A majority of the scholarships in any given year will go to outstanding students who have financial need.