Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship

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Jefferies Family Scholarship has grown to what it is today and helped as many aspiring students as it has due in large part to the generous contributions from individuals and Jefferies. To date 1,452 scholarships have been awarded, totaling over $13.3 million.

Jefferies Family Scholarship is a 501(c)(3), which means your donation is tax deductible and there are many ways to give!

  • Tax-free donation by check or payroll deduction
  • Donation of securities
  • Credit card payment
  • Jefferies Matching Funds
  • Donation of auction or raffle items
  • Planned Giving

Employees of Jefferies LLC are eligible for matching funds. To learn more about guidelines for matching funds, contact Regina de Wetter at [email protected] or 212-323-3959.

Donors will be sent a receipt by February of the year following their donation. To receive a receipt prior to February of the following year, please contact Regina de Wetter at [email protected].