Jefferies Scholarship
Jefferies Scholarship

Laurie Derringer
Christine Morgner

Laurie Derringer

Laurie Derringer
Formerly Boguslawski)
JFS Recipient, 1995-1998
     "Work hard, stay focused, and don't get discouraged. Even if you do not have the highest GPA you will get there."

A Career in Education
Laurie Derringer graduated from Seton Hall University in West Orange County, New Jersey with a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and went on to receive her master's in Special Education from St. John's University. She interned as a substitute teacher throughout college and graduated with honors. After graduating, Laurie worked as substitute teacher until finding her place in the Atlantic County, Hamilton County School district in New Jersey.

Laurie has worked as a special education pre-school teacher for the past five years. Laurie enjoys the classroom and working with children. She also works as a mentor to new teachers—guiding and leading them to become great teachers. "It's nice living where you teach, you get to know the children and their families." In the future, Laurie is considering transitioning into administration within the school system.

A Perfect Match
Outside of the classroom, Laurie enjoys a very fulfilling personal life as well. She met her husband Brett while teaching at Hamilton Township School. Brett teaches 5th grade and shares her love of education and children. The couple enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and snow-skiing.

"I feel very fortunate," says Laurie. "I have a bachelor's degree and master's degree, not many people can say that their education is fully paid for and they have no loans to pay off."

Giving Back
Laurie's sister, Christine, is also a former recipient of the Jefferies Family Scholarship. They have both contributed to the scholarship program every year for several years now. Laurie has not missed a year of donating to the program and encourages others to donate as well. She also encourages people to reapply for the Jefferies Family Scholarship, noting how responsive they have been to her needs.

Laurie's father, Robert Boguslawski, was a Vice President of Operations in New York City, who worked at Jefferies for more than 12 years. About her father, Laurie says, "He is so proud, it makes him very happy that Jefferies has helped both of his daughters, with different personalities and interests, in furthering their careers—as well as being a tremendous help to him."

Christine Morgner

Christine Morgner
(formerly Boguslawski)
JFS Recipient 1997-1999
     "The key is to find your interests, do research, call people, find out the challenges they face with their jobs, understand what you like, then go after what you want and follow your dream."

Hard Work and Diligence

Christine Morgner graduated Cum Laude in '98 from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management. She enjoyed her studies at Johnson and Wales and was an active member of the ski club. After graduation, Christine started in the hospitality industry then quickly moved into the meeting planning industry, organizing events for McKinsey and Company and then transitioned to an outside meeting planning firm, focused on the Cisco Systems account. Her hard work and diligence paid off and her career reached a new level when they offered her a full-time position on their marketing team. She started as Cisco Systems Field Marketing Manager and was promoted in 2004 to her position as Channel Field Marketing Manager of the Commercial East Area at Cisco systems.

Continued Excellence
Christine is excellent at what she does and continues to exhibit the attributes that earned her a Jefferies Family Scholarship. In June 2005, she was honored with a Cisco Achievement Award from her Area Vice President and in August 2005 she was given the Cisco Marketing Excellence Award from the Vice President of Marketing. She thoroughly enjoys her job, including the frequent business travel required as part of her position. In the future she sees herself growing within marketing at Cisco Systems, hoping to reach the director level in the technology industry.

She also likes to read, go to the movies, visit with family and friends and has a passion for travel.

A Family Scholarship
Christine's sister, Laurie, is also a former recipient of the Jefferies Scholarship, who completed her master's degree in Elementary Education. Christine describes her sister as an exceptional woman and a wonderful teacher committed to educating our youth. "There is not a day that goes by that she doesn't give her all. I wish all teachers were like Laurie," she says.

Christine's father Robert Boguslawski, was Vice President of Floor Operations in New York City, who worked at Jefferies for over twelve years. "He was a proud member of Jefferies, enjoying his colleagues, Jefferies benefits, and his job," Christine comments.

Christine feels very fortunate and credits Jefferies Family Scholarship with many of the opportunities that she's been given. She wishes more companies had similar scholarship programs. "Paying for a child's education is many parents' biggest concern, and Jefferies is unique in assisting its employees and their children in this regard."